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In most schools and colleges a B+, a B, or a B- is recorded as a B.  A C -, a C, or a C+ ends up in your files as a C.


I’m about to betray the system and reveal one way to tip a C+ over to a B-.


And in the school game – in which fairness and objectivity in grading is riddled with flaws – that ends up a B.  The secret is that teachers fiddling late a night with grades that have to be turned in in the morning are trying to award as few B’s as they can – and even fewer A’s, lest their bosses think they are being soft.  So here’s some kid they don’t know who’s right between a C+ and a B-.  What to do?  Of course, jot down a C+.

But then there is you. 

On the first day of class you sat in the front row, you said, Hi, when you came in and said, Have a nice weekend,  when you left every Friday.  In college, you made sure the teacher knew you and knew your name.  In class you asked occasional questions, reasonable ones if possible — not too many, just enough to stay in the game — and you appeared to be very interested in what the teacher was dishing out.  When the teacher looked your way, you nodded and looked thoughtful.  And so on.

Do you know how alone teachers feel?  Can you guess how grateful they are for any comfort from all those imprisoned souls seated in their classrooms?  Most of them, even the crusty ones, are starved for human interaction, and you can help them feel better.

Crossword 2

It’s a game.

Guess which grade you’re going to get?

But don’t take my word for it.  Check out any good book on behavioral modification.
Or, better, conduct your own research.  Try it out.  Share your findings.

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