The Website That Thought It Was Going to Be a Book

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Realms of Gold started as book, but it has a mind of its own and now it wants to be a website.  So I have to segue into this mode.  To give you the feel of it,  here’s the preface of  the manuscript that thought it was going to be a book.


  • I’ll be posting entries several times a week, not too much at a time, maybe  700 to a thousand words at a time.

This preface of the ms that thought it was going to be a book is in the form of a poem because I was using language with more intensity than we  commonly run into every day.

 These posts  will look like prose, usually, but there’s more to anything when you think about it, and when you do, you’ve turned it into a poem.

It’s like this: On your way to the post office, you may see what appear to be people going about their lives.  But sometimes everywhere you look are  bunched up bundles of starlight.  The people are the illusion, albeit a very convincing one, as Einstein put it.  The bundles of starlight are what’s really going on.  We do need to go to the post office.  We do need to see people, but our spirits demand that we also see bundles of starlight.  So that’s what I’ll be working on in Realms of Gold:

The spine of this website is

the integration of logic and metaphor,

the integration of the language of science
with the mytho-poetic way
of talking about that-which-is –
pulsating frequencies
in the quantum field
with fields of daffodils.

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