Game-Changer Checklist for High Test Scores


I wonder what exciting is going to happen today.


•   Get the feel of it:    Relax and mess around.

 The more fun you have the higher your score – guaranteed.

Browse.     Browse.     Browse

•   Do easiest questions first.

Rack up easy points: Build confidence.

Don’t make the test tough.

Use your own natural intelligence. Make common-sense guesses.

•  Use the way the test is put together to find answer clues and patterns:

Grammatical tip-offs, longest or shortest answers, and so on.

•  Watch out for absolute, definite answers; they are commonly false.

•   Answer all questions — even if instructed otherwise.  Your score will be higher.

•   When all else fails, choose the third answer.

   Tests are academic crossword puzzles.

Look for clues in other questions and even in multiple-choice answers.

•    Ask for clarification of ambiguous or flawed questions.

If necessary, explain your answer in the margin.

•    Think like your opponent. Psych out the test maker.

•    Don’t sweat questions you can afford to miss.

Mess around.    Mess around.    Mess around.

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