More Zen Days in the Realms of Gold

The Way It Goes

There’s a story of a concert master who is fed up with the orchestra and becomes an itinerant musician. In his travels he comes upon an old man sitting in the sun outside his hut and asks if he can rest there a while. After he has rested and drunk from the old man’s well, he feels like playing his violin.  When he finishes, the old man sits quietly and then says, “That is true.”  That’s the way it goes.

That’s the Way it goes
            You are minding your own business
            and along come two tramps at mud time
            or you catch a little silver trout
            and it leads you to Rapunzel
            or up the Amazon to Grovers Corners –
            where you were in the first place.

Get it? Just another way of describing what it’s like to take a slow walk – when you’re not going anywhere and don’t give a damn whether there’s a there there or not. One step   And two   And three – like that. Definitely no Depak Chopra involved.





That’s your Self
strolling along,
at it again,
late for school —
as usual.

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