Memorizing: The Mess-Around Strategy

Sandbox Learning

Get Your A Book

Don’t try to memorize anything up front.  That’s not natural.  It is natural to start out by fiddling around with whatever you’re trying to figure out.

While you’re playing, things will start to click and to fall into a pattern that makes sense.


The mind uses patterns to connect bits and pieces into meaning.

Keep on playing and at some point you will say, “I see.”  And a bit later, “I really do understand this.”

Iimagesf you browse through now, you will find there is hardly anything left to memorize.  The data have been magically caught in your memory net, and the whole process will actually have been fun.

What’s left is for your boss or teacher – whatever details they may want you to recall.

Here’s the Mess-Around-Method for Memorizing in a nutshell:


Play around until you understand.

Check for leftovers.

Digest the leftovers.


Too Simple?

That’s the process you’ve been using all your life – effortlessly.


You pay attention; you are never passive.


It’s a matter of allowing your nature to guide you and trusting that it does the work.

It always has.

Use the force, Luke

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