Realms of Gold: Your Piece of the Pie

Any GPA You Want

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAHomecoming         Get Your A Book
The poem of creation
 surging  in the brain’s
 electric circuitry,
 engulfing the soul
  in music.   



Here’s a preposterous statement you will agree with once you think about it.

If you are reading this sentence,

You are perfectly capable of achieving any GPA you want

and of doing whatever you need to do or want to do in your life.

People can do anything they need to do, lift the car off their child pinned beneath it, walk a tightrope, climb El Capitan, hook up the DVD player, sing at Carnegie Hall.  If there is such a thing as higher intelligence – and the definition of intelligence is up for grabs – it doesn’t seem to have much to do with getting things done.

Will and need and circumstance are much more powerful than intelligence.

Each human being has his or her piece of the intelligence pie. 

 So do lilies, spiders, cells and quartz crystals.  Each of us processes information in our own way, from our own unique aspect of the continuum.

Individuals with down syndrome – as well as everyone in  the entire range of human physical and mind configuration – have a special window on the world.  Each of us.  Together, with the rest of the intelligent universe, we complete the pie.


Our job is to be who we are.

When we use our natural traits, we can do amazing things.

 winging the heavens on a updraft,
            scratching fleas.
            spinning verbal webs,
            and webs of silk.

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