Slow-Walking the Neighborhood: Found Object into Objet d’Art

found object

Here’s an idea for your weekend:

Give the slow-walk I recommended in my January 15th post another go.

This time while walking bring back something you probably would not notice if you were actually going somewhere instead of just  . . .    walk    . . .    ing, preferably something least likely.

(Of course, this won’t work with little kids.  To them, everything is wonderful.)

Now figure out some way somehow or other  to present that object so that it can’t help but be paid attention.

Ordinary Reality Illuminated

One of my students brought back that little piece of bark in the picture above, fashioned into a pendant.  I’ve kept it around for decades, but the students were so good at it we took over some walls in the campus science museum put on an exhibition.

Objects found —  objects of art.

I think you will agree that all it takes to convert the ordinary into a rain-glazed red wheelbarrow is your beam of attention.


Let my know what you think.

If you are walking around

the planet

and see

what you are looking at

you will have discovered

a poem.


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