The Poetry of the 38 MUNI Bus

Emily:“Does anyone ever realize life every, every minute?”
Stage Manager: “No.  The saints and poets maybe.  They do some.”
                                  – Our Town


Rolling Down Geary

The first thing I need to do
when I wake up
 is make sure
the music’s sweetly humming
on the nerve endings.

Now I’m ready for the 38 MUNI
and half an hour for catching glimpses
of the poem of creation.
With all the seats filled
and holograms standing,
it’s easy.

There we are
rolling along.
I fiddle with these baubles.


first stop, the ordinary,

then, second stop,  and intense vision
of the facts,

then, with rare good luck,
the supra-ordinary, the realms
of gold.

Then, I’m home again.

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